Tattoos and Body Piercing

Are you looking for stylish yet fashionable tattoo designs? There are several things to consider before you actually head to get yourself a stylish tattoo. Remember, in most workplaces you might face problems with tattoos so unless you opt for being a rock star, or some work-on-your-own person like independent photographers or freelance writers, it is not often a good idea to have a tattoo placed on the visible parts of your body like forehead, neck or cheeks. Here you can learn which things you need to consider before getting yourself a tattoo, what are the pros and cons of wearing a tattoo and how to undo it. If you are sure you need one, here you can browse lots of fashionable tattoos for men and women, boys and girls, of all ages. Find tattoos with meaning, traditional style tattoos, tattoos for breasts, tattoos for navel and hands, and much more. Meet the best tattoo artists across the world and find out the best tattoo salons in your locality.

Stylish and fashionable body piercing are also getting increasing craze but the same warning applies for body piercing as well it might not always be workplace friendly. Find out various body piercing rings and other jewelries for men, women, boys and girls. Explore latest designs of body piercing rings and studs for tongues, eyebrows, ears, navel, cheeks, nipples and several private parts of your body. A trendy body piercing can really turn on your partners, but if you go for genital piercings, find out the possible medical risks associated with it. Find out the pros and cons of body piercing, and the cautions to take. Explore body piercing salons in your neighborhood. It's all in one place, Fashion Fundas!

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Types of stylish and fashionable tattoos

Tattoo is the latest fashion among youth. Do you want to know how to make tattoos, are you afraid of making tattoos, then here are some types of stylish and fashionable designer tattoos which can be temporary as well as permanent.

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