Top Hairstyles with Saree for Indian Women: Flair up your hair!

Latest fashions in hairstyles with Saree among Indian women vote for the good old medium-long hairstyle cascading down your body. A nice long hair with sari is truly a gorgeous fashion statement for Indian women. Check out some of the best hairstyles with saree with long, short and medium hairs to give photographic looks!

What are the best hairstyles with Saree? In a country like India with five thousand years’ tradition of hair care, this is a frequently asked question by women irrespective of their age and class. To broadly define the best hairstyles with Saree for Indian women, with both long and medium hairs, I would vote for those that do not affect the overall cadence or rhythm of your appearance. Sounding poetic? It definitely is, but let my try to prose it out more clearly. The unique aspect of a saree that distinguishes it from other garments is its waves across the female body in such a way that creates a sense of continuity, cadence and motion. A saree flows right from your shoulder to your toes without a break, which creates this sense of flair and flow.

The ideal hairstyles with saree is therefore something which befits this flow, this cadence. And the hairstyle trends with saree in 2012 seem to go in that direction only.

Top ten hairstyles with saree for Indian women

Nevertheless, though a loose cascading hair is perhaps the best hairstyle with saree, the saree itself also differs in different situations. Here I have given a list of top five hairstyles with saree with details; in 2012 they are likely to be in fashion within and outside India. Let's take a look at those ten different fashionable hairstyle ideas with saree. The first five hairstyles with saree can be easily worn by the common women like you and me and you do not need to spend lavishly for them in a beauty salon. If you want to do it a bit more exclusively, check out the list of few more more expensive but thereby more gorgeous hairstyles with saree at the bottom.

Some easy to follow hairstyles with saree with low costs

Celina Jaitley in saree in layered hairstyle with curls and fringesA layered cut with curls and fringes is a formal yet very fashionable hairstyle with saree. These are nice hairstyles for long hairs with saree. See how beautiful Celina Jaitley is looking in her gorgeous layered haircut with saree. She also has the curls and fringes that has created the wave befitting her attire. The curls, fringes and waves will depend on your physique, type of saree and the occasion. You can also try bob curls and see if you look good in it. This is one of the most popular hairstyles with saree among teenagers and college going girls as well!

Soha Ali Khan in one side parting hairstyle with pink sareeIf your face has the beetle leaf shape that has been the ideal of Indian women and poets alike for centuries, the one side parting can be your best hairstyles with saree. The one side parting can be carried off with almost all traditional Indian saree designs which can really add a great flexibility when it comes to options and choices for hairstyles with saree. Here in this picture, the Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan is seen in a gorgeous pink saree, her hair tied and parted in one side. This hairstyle with saree can make you look cute, gorgeous and classic at the same time. However, it might not look good with a skinny face, so have a trial beforehand!

Aishwarya Rai in saree with classic bun hairstyle The classic bun has been a timeless hairstyle with saree for formal occasions like a wedding. With the bridal saree for example, this decently beautiful hairstyle allows a creative flair of any arrangement of saree and jewellery. An embellished veil can also be used as an accessories. If you like heavier make up, push the bun up to the top to allow you more spaces for make up in your cheeks and eyes. Here you can see Aishwarya Rai in a saree with the classic bun hairstyle. Tuck in some flowers or wrap a garland, and it could be a nice bridal dress too!

Kareena Kapoor in a saree with straight hair style The saree also works amazingly with the simple neatness of a straight hair. Yes, you heard it right. Nothing but a straight hair is truly one of the bold hairstyles with saree. The most advantageous aspect of the straight hairstyle is that if you straighten your hair beforehand, you do not really need to spend a lot of time for your hairstyle with saree just before going out for a wedding, a cocktail party, a shopping, or just a social get together. The straight hair with saree also manifests your bold and confident personality. Isn't Kareena Kapoor looking bold yet beautiful in her simple black and golden Chanderi silk saree?

Hairstyles with saree for short hairs by Celina Jaitley As I began this article I poetically advocated for hairstyles for long hairs with saree. Yes, the traditional hairstyles with saree are mostly about medium and long hairs but you won't be completely deprived of the enjoyment even if your hair short. There are also some good hairstyles for short hairs with saree that can really add grandeur to your appearance. Remember few things in mind if your hair is short while wearing a saree. Do not try to imitate anyone else's hairstyle, rather be yourself. Keep it smooth and silky to the fullest extent possible and try to look as traditional as you can. You can wear a saree with short hair doesn't ensure you will look great even with spikes or buzz cuts. For informal occasions, bob cut hairstyles with saree is still fine, but they don't suit everyone.

Some exclusive and gorgeous hairstyles with saree

1. French Braids, add flowers or garlands if you need to.
2. French Twist. This looks great but is difficult to make and maintain.
3. Curly Punk hair style – wear it only if you can carry it!
4. Wearing curls with saree is also a smart hairstyle idea.
5. More ornate hairstyles with saree with jewellery etc. can be really costly but if you want to have an once in a lifetime occasion, like your wedding or of your sister's, you can go for it!

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