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Fashion Articles, Fashion Events, Beauty Care Tips, & Career in Fashion

Have you been looking for the latest fashion trends in dresses, accessories and jewelry? In you can check out the latest fashions in dress, garments and clothing. Keep updated with the latest trends in fashion jewelry and accessories. Find out who has got the best stylish haircuts or coolest tattoos and body piercings this year. You can also do your window fashion shopping here by Model Sneha Chatterjee in trendy fashionable dresses for girls with accessories and footwear checking out the latest offers, deals and discounts in various fashion costumes, bags, footwear, fashion jewelry, wristwatches, sunglasses, ties and the other fashion accessories. Whether it is women's fashion, men's fashion or fashion for kids, this complete fashion website will fetch you everything in a nutshell.

Fashion events and beauty contests news

Looking for the latest fashion events and beauty pageants news? Check out the latest fashion magazines. Stay in touch with the latest fashion trends with fashion events news all across the globe. We will provide you round the clock fashion news updates of both international fashion events like the Paris Fashion Week, the New York Fashion Week, the London Fashion Week, the Milan Fashion Week, the Lakme Fashion Week and the like, as well as the several regional fashion shows. Get to know the beauty contest news updates worldwide and learn how to prepare for contesting in the upcoming beauty pageants with our expert beautician tips. Go through the biographies and careers of the famous supermodels all over the world and get inspired from their success story in our Models' Profiles section. With you too can be the trendsetter!

Want to pursue a career in the fashion industry?

Pursuing a career in fashion is no more an out of the track thought. With a plethora of good fashion designing schools, colleges and various other institutes being set up all around, getting admission to fashion designing course and nurturing your dream to build up a career in fashion is lot easier these days. If you want to be a successful fashion designer, go through the biographies and profiles of the famous fashion designers and get introduced to their creativities. If you have been secretly longing for being a model, kept browsing the profiles of fashion models and stayed glued to the fashion television channels and fashion magazines, will help you achieve your dream. Nowadays a number of good modeling institutes are offering various short and long term modeling courses, with special focus on makeover, personality development and grooming. Learn which are the best modeling courses and where to study modeling in our modeling wiki encyclopedia. Who knows, you might be the next supermodel or the master fashion designer! Yet another interesting career option in fashion among the fashion job opportunities are provided by fashion photography and journalism. Both fashion photography and fashion journalism are fast emerging as unique and promising career aspects in fashion. With our fashion photography and journalism tips, you can also secure your place in the canon of world's finest fashion photographers, the best fashion journalists, fashion stylists, or the hair and make up artists. Fashion Fundas. It's all about Fashion.

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How to choose Gold Earrings for your outfits

Gold is always considered as a precious metal from the ancient civilization. It is considered as a symbol of status and beauty. Yellow gold is classic, warm and alluring. It is available in all forms and shapes. Without any doubt, it can be said that gold is a precious and beautiful metal, but the most difficult part is selecting gold to pair it with other accessories and outfits you wear.

Is it safe to buy gold from online jewelry store?

Gold has always been a symbol of prestige. Being able to afford gold jewelry has been a matter of pride. Haven't you ever wondered why all this hullabaloo is over gold jewelry? According to scientists metals like gold and silver are beneficial for your body: 1. It helps maintain body temperature. 2. It helps patients suffering from mental stress and anxiety. 3. Metals of gold and silver help you look pretty.

Bridal Jewellery – Different sets and How to Choose

Jewellery is one of the main ingredients for a wedding. The bride and family are always confused on choosing proper ornaments for her big day. The following article will help you to get an idea on Bridal Jewellery selection.

Diamond Buying Guide

Planning to get your dear one her favorite diamond ring? Know how to get her the most beautiful and high-quality diamond Jewellery. Here is a detailed diamond buying guide.

Bridal Jewellery Shopping; Points to Remember

Jewellery shopping always demands great attention and thought. When it comes to bridal jewellery shopping, keeping a few points in mind will help to make your shopping worth for the money you spend. Read on and make your wedding shopping super economical and exciting

Traditional Handmade Indian Jewellery in Saudi Arabia

Traditional and handmade jewellery is loved by every woman. When it comes to gold jewellery, a woman would love to get the most exquisite collection. Like India, Saudi is one of the countries which offer a wide range of gold and diamond jewellery to the ornament lovers. This article would help you get an idea about the wide range of jewellery that can make your day special.

How to choose the right fashion accessories for women?

Choosing the right fashion accessories is always a difficult task; they can greatly enhance your look and if misused, can spoil it completely as well. Find out how to choose your right fashion accessories like jewelry, handbags, perfumes and footwear, depending on the dress, occasion and body types.

Miss America 2013: Who won Miss America 2013?

Ready to welcome Miss America 2013 winner? If yes, wait for a while as the pageant will be held only by January 2013. Meanwhile read this article to know more about Miss America 2013 regarding its date and location, contestants, who will win Miss America 2013?, Miss America official website and contact information and many more!

A wiki biography of designer Sushma Patel

Are you searching for the details of designer Sushma Patel? If yes, check this article about Sushma Patel to know more about her contact information, fashion shows, Sushma Patel in IRFW 2012, address, telephone and twitter profile and many more!

A wiki biography of Miss Universe 2012 contestant Shilpa Singh

Ready to know more about Shilpa Singh from India, who is participating in Miss Universe 2012? If yes, check this article to know more about her current occupation, hobbies, facebook profile, miss universe 2012 contestants, Shilpa Singh costumes and many more!

A complete guide to Christmas costumes 2012

Searching for christmas costumes 2012? If yes, check this article to know more about christmas costumes for newborn babies, christmas fancy dress costume for babies, cute christmas costume for toddlers, cheap christmas costume for kids and adults, party city christmas costume for adults, great christmas costume for dogs, christmas costume women ideas, christmas costume prices, ideas for christmas costumes homemade and many more!

List of lace types: How to select a good lace?

Interested to know the types and tips to select a good lace? If yes, read this article to know more about lace wedding dress, lace front wigs for black women, lace wedding gowns, lace tablecloths walmart, lace curtains with attached valance, synthetic lace front wigs, lace dress pattern, lace books online and many more!

Miss Earth 2012 pageant- Meet the Miss Earth 2012 contestants

Who won Miss Earth 2012 title? You have to wait for a while as the pageant will be held only by 24 November 2012. Here you will get more information about Miss Earth 2012 contest regarding its venue and date, Miss Earth 2012 live, Miss Earth 2012 candidates and winner, Olga Alava in Miss Earth 2012, Miss Earth 2012 in facebook and youtube and many more!

What is the Importance of Solah Shringar for an Indian Bride

As being an Indian Hindu girl you must heard the term “Solah Shringar” many times from your elders in home. But do you know the meaning of Solah Shringar and its significance. Read the following article to know about the importance of Solah Shringar for every Indian bride or married women.

How to choose the right bridal lehenga color for your skin tone

Looking for some Bridal Lehengas colors suitable for Indian brides? Here we are with some bridal colors that are most fashionable right now. So if your going to be married soon and want to wear Lehenga on your wedding day, read the following article to get information on latest bridal Lehengas colors to get stunning look on your most important day.

List of top 20 fashion schools in USA

You might be searching for the top fashion schools in USA? If yes, here is a list of the top 20 fashion schools located in America with their official website and contact information. Browze this list of US fashion schools and make your choice!

Tips for selecting the right hats for your style

Worried of selecting a stylish hat for your face? If yes, read this article to know the tricks for selecting the suitable hat for your style. Here you will get informations like hat styles, hats for men style, sunhats for kids, hats for women with round faces, cowboy hats for kids, winter hats for kids and many more!

Halloween costume ideas: Tips to wear a suitable Halloween costume

You might be worried of searching the perfect halloween costume for halloween 2012? If yes, this article provides you tips for selecting halloween costume for this funny day. Here you will get information regarding halloween 2012 date and costumes, halloween activities, halloween trick-or-treating, halloween costume contest, baby halloween costume ideas, halloween party costumes, how to select halloween costumes?, halloween wigs and shoes and many more!

52nd Miss International Beauty Pageant(2012)- Meet the miss international 2012 candidates

Are you ready to welcome the Miss International 2012 winner? If yes, wait for a while as the pageant will be held only by October 2012. Meanwhile read this article to know more about Miss international 2012 regarding its date and venue, Miss International 2012 contestants, Miss International 2012 winner, official website of miss international pageant and many more!

Assistant fashion stylist jobs- Tips to become an assistant fashion stylist

Interested to become an assistant to fashion stylist? If yes, don’t miss the chance as this is the stepping stone to fashion stylist career. Here you will get informations of assistant fashion stylist jobs regarding its responsibilities, salary, how to become an assistant for fashion stylist, education required and many more!

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