Top Ten Hairstyles for Indian Brides: The wedding waves!

Hairstyles for Indian brides for wedding ceremonies are relatively simple ones like plat, pony and buns, but a great variety can be added to it to enhance the beauty. Find a whole lot of unique hairstyles for Indian brides here for their marriage days!

Indian bridal hairstyles have a long history of beauty and imaginative flairs. Who doesn't want to look her best on the wedding day? A lot of emphasis is given on the entire look of the Indian Bride, be it the wedding outfit, makeup, jewelry or the hairstyle. Everything has its own importance. All these contribute in final look of the Indian Bride.

There are many options of different hairstyles for Indian brides to suit the wedding events.

The choice of a particular Bridal hairstyle depends on what outfit the bride will wear for a particular event. But adding to that, the Indian bridal hair style is given considering factors like the type of hair, the face structure, the height, the persona, the wedding dress, the comfort zone of a bride etc. The brides now-a-days have become quite experimental and some of them even opt for hair coloring on their wedding. This holds true not only for those who have grey hair but also for all those who wish to do something new. If the bride wishes to go for an up do and doesn't have long hair, she goes for extensions or false hair to add volume and length to her hair.

Top Ten Bridal Hairstyles for Indian Women

Hair adornment with Flowers

Hair adornment with flowers, Indian bridal hairstyle The main element of the Indian wedding is flowers and any bridal hairstyle for Indian women is incomplete without it. The floral strings can be attached in a number of ways to beautify the hairstyle. It may be encircled around the bun as a single string, or as multiple strings. The floral strings around the bun may also hang loose over both the shoulders. Flowers can also be used to embellish the hair braided into a plait.

Hair adornment with jewelry for bridal hairstyles

Hair adornment with Hair Jewelry Indian Bridal hairstyles are incomplete without bridal hair jewelries. These not only enhance the beauty of the hairstyle but are also essential bridal jewelry. Bridal hair jewelry comprises of beads, jewel comb, jewel hair pins, Maang tika, strand of pearls and many more. In addition to Maang tika, there are many other hair jewelry pieces that can be attached with the hair. One such a piece of jewelry is quite similar to the maang tika but the difference lies in the placement and thickness of the jewelry. These are wider than maang tika and are placed on either side of partitioned hair and is more popular among the muslim brides.

The versatile bun is the good old Indian bridal hairstyle

The Versatile Bun This bridal hairstyle is best to be chosen for every bride because of the fact that it will not be visible. Most cultures in the North of India deem it necessary to wear a chunni or a huge scarf covering the bride's hair. Just make sure you don't pull your back too tightly and make your face appear flat. Multiple floral strings can be attached to the bun which may be placed at the neck, high up or at the middle depending on what suits the bride.

The jeweled plait as Indian bridal hairstyles

The Jeweled Plait Indian Bridal hairstyles can be varied by decorating hair with different jewelry types. If you really have long hair then you can flaunt it with a long plait. Indian tradition does not allow the bride to leave her hair open so you have to tie it. Decorate your plait with jewelery like hair combs and jhumkas.

The flowered plait as Indian bridal hairstyles

The Flowered Plait This typical Indian bridal hairstyle is mainly for a brides from South India. The advantage in the south of India is that the hair of the bride is not covered so there can be a wider range of experiments with hairstyles. This south Indian bridal hairstyle involves covering the plait completely with flowers. You can use mainly white and red flowers for decorating hairstyle.

The braided look is great for wedding hairstyles

The Braided Look
The braided look goes absolutely handy with Indian bridal hairstyles. Since most Indian brides cannot have hairstyles that display the back of their hair, it is best to experiment with the front portion that is visible. Braiding the skull portion of your hair and decorating it with tiny trinkets can look very beautiful.

Traditional up do bridal hairstyles with a twist

Traditional Up do Hairstyle With A Twist If you want to be a bit different on your wedding, but not do something really unconventional, then going for a traditional up do, but with a twist. In this Indian bridal hairstyle, different sections of hair are curled and pinned up. The curls, together, are given the shape of a bun. This hairstyle is much more fashionable than the traditional one, however works well only with medium length hair or short length hair which may need extensions.

Bun on the side hairstyles for Indian brides
Bun on the side hairstyle
Another variation of the traditional Indian wedding hairstyle comes in the form of bun on the side hairstyle. In this style, rather than placing the bun high on the head, it is moved to the side. You should go for this hairstyle only if you have well-defined cheekbones and prominent eyes, otherwise, it might not look too good.

Spanish up do wedding hairstyle for Indian brides

Spanish Up do Wedding Hairstyle If you want to go for an up do hairstyle, but not the usual ordinary stuff, then the Spanish up do might just impress you. However, it will work the best with long and thick hair. The upper part of the hair is done with elaborate curls, while the other is left to flow down the back. The up do can be adorned with flowers, crystals, or even bows.

Bohemian wedding hairstyle for Indian women

Bohemian Wedding Hairstyle If you are ready to experiment with something different on your wedding day, go for Bohemian wedding hairstyle. It works well with long and flowing hair. You will need to set your hair in Velcro curls and once the curls are set, pull your hair away from the face and crown them with a tiara. The hair will be left loose at the back. Go for this hairstyle only if your wedding has been planned in the winter season.

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