Miss World presenters : A complete list

Interested to know about Miss World presenters? If yes, here is a complete list of presenters who got the opportunity to take part in these national pageants. Browse through this category and know, who were the presenters for this Miss World contest from 1951-2011, how to be a good presenter and amny more!

Miss World, the most prestigious international beauty pageant was started in the year 1951. Since this is an international pageant, which attracted people from all over the world, the presenters, winners, contestants are having popularity in the world. Miss World presenters are having popularity in this world. Being a presenter is not an easy task especially when it comes in the case of an international pageant. You may require a high profile TV personality and even a rich speaking voice.

By going through the below mentioned lists, I hope you all understand an interesting fact that most of them were Miss World presenters for several times. Apart from becoming a regular host of the Miss World Pageant, most of them were a popular choice for hosting several award ceremonies as well as corporate dinners. Some persons often think that being a presenter in pageants is very easy. But as I mentioned earlier, this is not an easy job. Some qualities you need to be a good presenter includes good planning, organizational ability, good skill to perform in front of cameras, listening as well as spoken communication skills, knowledge of issues and subject of interest to the audience, know the correct use and pronunciation of English language, confidence, etc. So in general we can say that the person who is selected as a presenter of Miss World pageants should be able to present everything in a relaxed manner to the audience. Moreover it should be a clear speech. Remember that this Miss World Pageants will be seen in all channels and you will especially display in it. Now I think from this small description itself, you understand the fact that a present job is not so easy. In this article, I would like to introduce to you some of the presenters who were part of this pageant from the beginning itself. The Miss World presenters who made this pageant an international show accepted by every people, with their voice and confidence is listed here. So go through this list and see who were the Miss World presenters from 1951-2011.

  • Eric Morley: Miss World 1951

  • Eric Morley: Miss World 1952

  • Eric Morley: Miss World 1953

  • Eric Morley: Miss World 1954

  • Eric Morley: Miss World 1955

  • Eric Morley: Miss World 1956

  • Eric Morley: Miss World 1957

  • Eric Morley: Miss World 1958

  • Bob Hope: Miss World 1959

  • Bob Hope: Miss World 1960

  • Michael Aspel: Miss World 1961

  • Michael Aspel: Miss World 1962

  • Michael Aspel: Miss World 1963

  • Michael Aspel: Miss World 1964

  • Michael Aspel: Miss World 1965

  • Michael Aspel: Miss World 1966

  • Simon Dee: Miss World 1967

  • Michael Aspel: Miss World 1968

  • Michael Aspel: Miss World 1969

  • Michael Aspel, Bob Hope, Keith Fordyce: Miss World 1970

  • Michael Aspel, David Vine: Miss World 1971

  • Michael Aspel, David Vine: Miss World 1972

  • Michael Aspel, David Vine: Miss World 1973

  • Michael Aspel, David Vine: Miss World 1974

  • Ray Moore, David Vine: Miss World 1975

  • Ray Moore, Sacha Distel, Patrick Richfield: Miss World 1976

  • Ray Moore, Andy Williams: Miss World 1977

  • Sacha Distel, Paul Burnett: Miss World 1978

  • Sacha Distel, Ray Moore, Esther Rantzen: Miss World 1979

  • Peter Marshall, Anthony Newley, Judith Chalmers: Miss World 1980

  • Peter Marshall, Judith Chalmers: Miss World 1981

  • Peter Marshall, Judith Chalmers: Miss World 1982

  • Peter Marshall, Judith Chalmers: Miss World 1983

  • Peter Marshall, Judith Chalmers: Miss World 1984

  • Peter Marshall, Anne Diamond: Miss World 1985

  • Peter Marshall, Mary Stavin: Miss World 1986

  • Peter Marshall, Alexandra Bastedo: Miss World 1987

  • Peter Marshall, Alexandra Bastedo: Miss World 1988

  • Peter Marshall, Alexandra Bastedo, John Davidson: Miss World 1989

  • Peter Marshall, Michelle Rocca: Miss World 1990

  • Peter Marshall, Gina Tolleson: Miss World 1991

  • Suanne Braun, Billy Dee Williams, Jerry Hall, Doreen Morris, Deborah Shelton: Miss World 1992

  • Gina Tolleson, Pierce Brosnan, Doreen Morris, Kim Alexis: Miss World 1993
    Suanne Braun, Richard Steinmetz: Miss World 1994

  • Richard Steinmetz, Bobbie Eakes, Jeff Trachta: Miss World 1995

  • Ruby Bhatia, Richard Steinmetz: Miss World 1996

  • Richard Steinmetz , Khanyi Dhlomo Mkhize: Miss World 1997

  • Ronan Keating, Eden Harel: Miss World 1998

  • Melanie Sykes, Ulrika Johnson: Miss World 1999

  • Rebecca de Alba, Jerry Springer: Miss World 2000

  • Jerry Springer, Claire Elizabeth Smith: Miss World 2001

  • Claire Elizabeth Smith, Sean Kanan: Miss World 2002

  • Angela Chow, Phil Keoghan, Amanda Byram: Miss World 2003

  • Lisa Snowdon, Angela Chow, Troy McClain: Miss World 2004

  • Angela Chow, Tim Vincent: Miss World 2005

  • Angela Chow, Tim Vincent, Grazyna Torbicka: Miss World 2006

  • Angela Chow, Fernando Allende: Miss World 2007

  • Angela Chow, Tumisho Masha: Miss World 2008

  • Steve Douglas, Angela Chow, Michelle McLean: Miss World 2009

  • Angela Chow, Steve Douglas: Miss World 2010

  • Angela Chow, Jason Cook, Steve Douglas: Miss World 2011

The list will be updated soon with Miss World 2012 presenters.

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