What is the Importance of Solah Shringar for an Indian Bride

As being an Indian Hindu girl you must heard the term “Solah Shringar” many times from your elders in home. But do you know the meaning of Solah Shringar and its significance. Read the following article to know about the importance of Solah Shringar for every Indian bride or married women.

Solah Shringar is the most heard term from the Indian women whenever they talk about the beauty secrets related to Indian bride as no bride is complete until she has beautifies herself from the sixteen adornments which cover almost every part of her body and make her beautiful from head to toe.

What is Solah Shringar?

Solah Shringar is the 16 adornments of a Hindu Bride covering almost every part of the body. Solah Shringar is a symbol of femininity and fertility which nullifies the negative effect made by the 16 phases of the moon on woman's menstrual cycle.

16 adornments of a Hindu Bride are as follows:
1. Solah Shringar of the bride starts with wearing the wedding dress traditionally red colored dress is the most suitable wedding outfit color but now a day's bride has lots of color option to choose so you can wear any bright color bridal dress.

2. Second adornment for Indian bride is her hair which should be washed and oiled properly. Make the hairstyle suited to your face or dress and adorned them with flowers or Gajra (strings of flowers) and other hair accessories. Now it's time for the face makeup which can be done by the professional beauticians.

3. Kajal or Kohl is used to make eyes beautiful to make them more attractive and appealing; you can use black pencil eyeliner to achieve the kohl look. Many brides prefer to use eyeliner according to their dress or make up color that is also fine.

4. Every married woman must know about the Bindi which is one of the essential ornaments for Indian bride or married woman. It is applied in the center of the forehead close to the eyebrows and has religious significance also as it helps to retain energy and strengthen concentration power. For married woman it shows her dedication and commitment to long-life and well-being of her husband. Many types of Bindi are available in the market you can choose according to your dress color.

Solah Shringar for an Indian Bride 5. Maangtika is a hair accessory which is worn in the middle of the hair parting and falls on the exact center of the forehead. Maangtika signifies the union of the male and female elements in nature. It comes in many different styles and colors.

6. Nose Ring is a must accessory for Indian bride. It is a gold ring which is worn on the left nostril, supported by a gold chain which extends just behind left ear. Nose ring is by far one of the most traditional and ethnic Indian looks. It is wear to honor Parvathi, the goddess of marriage.

7. Ear rings are the ornament for the ears of the bride. It comes in many sizes and shapes. By wearing ear rings woman ensured a continuous state of mental and physical well being. It is said that the point of vision in acupuncture is situated in the center of the lobe.

8. Necklaces are worn around the neck and falls near the heart so they can be used to work on emotions, or to attract or strengthen love. Necklaces are usually made of gold and decorated with diamonds, pearls or other precious stones. Mangalsutra is also a type of necklace which is tied by the groom around the bride neck during the wedding rituals; it is made up of black pearls.

9. Rings shows the symbol of bond, as we all know that rings are circle shaped which has no end so it signifies the non ending love between the bride and groom. Indian bride wear a Hath phoolhar which consists of five rings connected with a central piece and further connected with a bracelet which is worn in the hand.

10. Baaju-band or Armlets are worn on the upper arms of the bride. It enhances the overall look of the bride and made them more beautiful. To get more stylish look worn them in only on one arm.

11. Bangles are the symbol of woman's social position. Indian bride wears both gold as well as glass bangles on her wedding day. You can wear the glass bangles according to the color of your wedding dress. Gold bangles are given by the mother in law to the bride.

12. Mehndi is very important shringar of the bride; no bride is complete without Mehndi which is applied on her hands and feet in a Mehndi ceremony before a wedding day. It is a symbolic representation of fertility. It is not only for the bride even groom also applies Mehndi on his hands.

13. Kamarband or waistband is especially designed to make your waist more appealing and attractive. It is also helpful in holding the Sari or Dress in place.

14. Silver anklets and toe rings are essential jewellery piece for every bride. Always wear silver anklets and toe rings as gold is not worn in the feet.

15. After getting all ornaments it's time to smell good by applying perfume or Itr.

16. Last but not the least Sindoor which is must for every married women, it is not an ornament or any type of cosmetic but it the thing which symbolize that the girl is married now. Sindoor is applied on the central parting of the hair by groom.

We hope now you understand the importance of Solah Shringar for an Indian Bride and surely going to take care of Solah Shringar like you do for other important thing during your marriage.


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