Where and how to buy artificial nails online: review of top false or fake nail extensions brands

Want fashionable fingers with artificial nail extensions, usually called false or fake nails? Learn where and how to buy artificial fashion nail enhancements online and read the review of top selling fake nail brands.

Artificial nail extensions, popularly known as fake nails or false nails, are fashionable and colored nail enhancements rapidly getting popularity all over the world, especially among the college girls. These acrylic nails began coming to the limelight roughly towards the end of the last decade, and shot to a worldwide demand.

Acrylic nails are nothing unique though, and the history of acrylic nail art or artificial nail extensions can be traced back to the early Ming Dynasty in the 14th and 15th century China. The latest artificial nail extension trend in Europe and USA, however, began with a resurgence of the old Chinese fashion in the mid 2010s. Nail arts, and fashionable nail extensions in USA are already in vogue, and in the Indian subcontinent it is getting fast fans. Still, many people do not know some of the basic things regarding artificial nails like how and where to buy fake nails, what are the top false nail selling brands, what are the price of fake nails and so on. Let us try to find answers of these queries here in this review of top fake nails brands. But be warned, avid users can invite health hazards from artificial nail extensions.

Where to buy fashionable false nail extensions?

You can buy fashionable nail extensions online, or you can buy them at any good nail spa or nail salon. While nails spas are there in numbers in USA and Europe, in the Indian subcontinent they are fast mushrooming as well, especially in the glamour metros like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Check out the best nail spas and nail salons in India where you can do nail extensions or buy nail extension kits. Remember, buying nail extension kits online might be costlier, but you can save a little if you make a bulk purchase.

Should you buy false nails extensions from online fake nail shops?

Well, the answer to this question is both yes and no. The price of fake nails at Amazon or eBay is definitely going to be higher, and buying costly false nails does not make you more fashionable. If you can buy cheap nail extensions online it is fine, but first you should knock at your local nail salons or nail spas selling fake nails. The prices of fake nail enhancements are always going to be lower than online false nail shops, even at the best nail spas and salons. Take a look at the following review of the best false nail shops online. Judge the top false nail selling websites yourself, compare the products and the prices, and make your choice according to your budget. And if you know how to take care of nail extensions at home, you rule!

Best branded artificial acrylic nails extensions kits available online

Minx Nails

Starting their journey in 2007, Minx Nails have nowadays become synonymous of artificial acrylic nail enhancements. Like Xerox for photocopier machines, many people use the word 'Minx nails' to mean false painted nails, not knowing that it is only a brand name. Whether you are looking for simple looking nail extensions or the most gorgeous and colourful ones, Minx Nails have it all. Minx Nails have thus outrun others by miles in the race of best artificial nail extension kit brands. Check out the latest Minx Nails collections at their website and I bet your eyes will envy your fingers.

Rio UV Nails

Rio UV Nails are quite popular as well. You can buy Rio UV Nail Extension Kits online through Amazon or eBay. Rio UV products will give you the smooth gloss you would love to see on your nails with attractive acrylic nail paints. They are quite durable and with a proper maintenance and care, Rio UV Nails can last even a couple of months.


Yet another colossal figure among the top acrylic nail companies, Kiss does a wide business especially in the USA. You can buy Kiss artificial nail enhancements from most of the leading beauty salons as well as in the mega stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, London Drugs, Ultra, K Mart and so on.


As we all know, eBay is one of the biggest online stores for possibly everything we can find under the sun. They keep artificial nails as well. You can buy 500 French acrylic artificial nail tips from eBay at a price of more or less $3. If you want glittering artificial nails in eBay, you will have to pay roughly a dollar more. The nail brushes sail roughly one dollar a piece.

Before I conclude, let me remind you the statutory warning once again. Artificial acrylic nail enhancements are great to watch, and they definitely define the fashion statement of your fingers, but do not forget the health hazards! Nevertheless, good cares and apt applications can minimize these health risks a lot so make sure you know how to apply artificial acrylic nail extensions properly.

And remember, nail arts or nail paintings can be a great and safer substitute of artificial nail extensions. Nail painting is done in almost all nail spas and beauty salons, and can be done at home as well if you have the skill of a painter coupled with the creativity of a beautician. Do you know how to do nail art at home, step by step?

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