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Looking for some cool fashion and beauty care tips? Now you can get them for free at home with just a few clicks of your mouse. With Fashion Fundas, you can stay tuned to the latest trends in make up with our fashionable make up and beauty tips. Learn how to do manicure and pedicure and home with our pedicure tips and manicure tips. Get facial beauty care advices from expert beauticians.

Your beauty care depends on your physique too. Explore beauty care tips for men and women, both fat and skinny, tall and short. Get beauty care tips for teenage boys and girls as well as kids. Learn how to dress to impress your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, boss or secretary. We have it all in Fashion Fundas!

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List of nail salons in USA: Alaska nail salons directory

You might be a candidate searching for the nail salons in USA for nail care? Well, here is the Alaska nail salon directory which might help you to find the best nail salons of Alaska. Don't miss your chance to visit the best nail salons of Alaska. Check it out.

Benefits and precautions to be taken while using glycolic acid skin care products

Are glycolic acid skin care products safe to our health? Yes, in somecases they are highly beneficial to our health. But certain precautions are needed while using glycolic acid skin care prodcuts. Read this article to know more about the merits of using glycolic acid skin care products, best glycolic acid skin care products, glycolic acid cosmetic products and precautions and many more!

Symptoms, preventive measures and treatments for Athlete’s foot(Tinea Pedis)

You might be a person suffering from athlete’s foot. If yes, don’t worry as the infection can be easily prevented or treated. Read this article to know more about athlete’s foot regarding its symptoms, treatment, medications, athlete’s foot fungus, skin lesion biopsy for athlete’s foot, skin lesion KOH test and athlete’s foot and many more!

Paraben as a preservative- Are parabens safe for human body?

Are you searching for the health hazards of paraben, a chemical used as a preservative? If yes, read this article to know the dangerous effects of paraben regarding its common examples, molecular formula and weight, chemical name, examples of preservatives, paraben and breast cancer, paraben in personal care products and many more!

How to get rid of cellulite? Are treatments for cellulite effective?

You might be a candidate searching for treatments for cellulite, a fat problem related to our skin? If yes, you must read this article related to cellulite. Here you will get information regarding the types and different names of cellulite, symptoms, avoid cellulite naturally, foods to eat to avoid cellulite, cellulite treatment and creams, cellulite buring exercises, the Cellulite Solution by Murad and many more!

Adrienne Pitkin: Celebrity makeup artist: A wiki biography

You might be a person searching for makeup artist to make up for wedding? If yes, you can contact Adrienne Pitkin, who is famous for artistry makeup. From this Adrienne Pitkin wiki bio-data, you will get information like MAC Cosmetics, wedding make up, pageant makeup, bridal make up, normal daywear makeup, makeup rates, Adrienne Pitkin website, how to contact Adrienne Pitkin and many more!

Points to keep in mind while buying shoes

To buy the right shoes for your feet,check that the stitching and lining is such that the seam does not irritate the foot. Keep reading and get to know about certain things to keep in mind while buying shoes.

Eye Shadow Make Up Tips: How to apply eye shadow correctly?

Want to know how to apply eye shadow correctly? Yes, most of us use eye shadows but still don't know how exactly we can use eye shadows for perfection. Keep reading this article to know more about step by step eye shadow using guide where I have described what are the best ways to apply eye shadow.

Pros and cons of wearing makeup to the gym

Are you wearing makeup to the gym? Then wait for a while and read this article to know the pros and cons if you wear makeup to the gym. Wearing makeup will give you an attractive look but there is some consequences also. Take a little care to save your money and time.

Natural beauty tips at home- Free natural beauty tips

Are you tired of artificial beauty tips? Then you might be a person searching for natural beauty tips. Natural beauty tips are free from side effects. Read this article to know the simplest natural beauty tips that you can do at home regularly for a beautiful face and body.

Eyeliner Using Tips: How to apply eye liner for the best makeup?

Use of eyeliners is quite common among both men and women, but few exactly know how to apply eyeliner properly. Read this article to know the simple steps on how to make your eyes more beautiful using a eye pencil, eye shadow and a shadow brush respectively. Learn to put on eye liner perfectly!

Care for the pros and cons of acrylic artificial nail extensions

You might be a person who is ready to use Everything has its pros and cons. Acrylic fake nail extensions do as well. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of artificial nails like minx nails and learn how to take care of your artificial nail extension.

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