Summer Skin Care Basics: Tips to stay beautiful in blazing heat

Looking for some tips to stay beautiful in blazing heats of April-May? Here are some cool summer skin care basics to help you look good in hot summer days. Keep reading!

Worried about summer skin care? Basics of skincare in summer involve keeping yourself healthy and hydrated. Beauty in summer is not perhaps skin deep, and a degenerated health is certainly not going to help you look beautiful in summer. Here are some summer skin care basic tips to look good even in blazing heat.

Hydrating yourself is the basic summer skincare

Dehydration is one of the major reasons for skin damage in summer, and if you take the adequate amount of water, you are done with the basic summer skincare. Dehydration is loss of water from the skin, and it can affect not only all ages, but also all types of skin, even oily types. The summer skin care basics thus include taking lots of water. We lose about a pint of water through our skins every day, even when we don’t go out, and sit under the fan or in an air-conditioned room. This moisture needs to be replenished constantly, which is why we advise all our clients to drink plenty of water or fresh fruit juices every day. Sipping nimbu pani, or lime water, is also beneficial to stay beautiful in summer.

Water is a natural barrier to prevent burns from the sun or heat, so it is also essential to seal in the moisture in the skin. Dehydration often makes the skin thinner, thus leading to wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet. Dehydrated skin also looks dry and flushed, making you seem older. Taking adequate water is one of the first and foremost summer skin care basics.

While the hot dry weather is the main cause of dry skin, not drinking enough water, prolonged exposure to the sun, poor skin hygiene, chemicals in the air and poor-quality beauty products, as well as too excessive air-conditioning, also leads to dehydrated skin. Along with drinking fluids, it is recommended to have a daily cleaning regimen by splashing lots of cool water on the face and then rubbing with ice, to close the pores and prevent loss of moisture. And wear hat or sun-shade when you go out in the hot sun.

Feed your skin to look beautiful in summer

Summer is the time when the skin loses its natural oils through perspiration. To keep it soft and supple, you need to help it along with creams and lotions. Applying a good quality moisturizer, preferably one with sun-screen for daytime use helps to a great extent. You may need to apply it more than once during the day. If you are a working woman, take a mid-day break. Go to the washroom, splash water on your face. Pat dry and apply some moisturizer. This will cool and rehydrate your skin, and also seal in moisture.

During a bath, switch from drying soaps to cream or shower gels. Add a few drops of aromatic essential oils to the bath water. Instead of scrubbing yourself dry, pat yourself dry with a soft towel. All this helps rebalance dehydration and give you super-soft skin. To get super- smoothness, apply a nourishing cream body lotion. Cocoa butter works well for many women, and lasts for a long time. Massage it into your skin, gently and slowly, so that the oils enter deep into the pores. Our special summer skin care basics including applying an extra-rich nourishing face cream before going to bed at night. This will work throughout the night as you sleep, so that you wake up to a silky skin, rather than feel your skin is stretched dry and taut over your cheeks.

The summer skin care basics need a clean skin

If you want a skin like butter, do not under-estimate the power of keeping it clean. Brushing and buffing it up is a basic summer skin care. When skin is dry, dead skin cells build up on the surface. This acts as a barrier for all treatments; sometimes even preventing the basic moisturizer from seeping in deeply. Sweaty skin attracts dirt and grime, which also forms a barrier on the skin, sometimes even blocking pores and causing acne and blackheads. Daily exfoliation helps to bring about a dramatic improvement in the look and feel of the skin. Use a scrub on your face and body. Dry body brushing also helps to slough off dead cells. It has the additional benefit of increasing circulation, thus improving the natural tone and color of your skin. Use a body brush before your daily bath, starting from the hands and feet, and work towards your back and front.

Fashion Fundas’ special summer skin care basics: Use the body brush with quick light strokes for best results.

Washing your face with a natural scrub before going to bed helps to clean out the dust and grime which may have accumulated during the day. You can follow this up with fruit or vegetable mask to replenish the lost oils. Face masks not only rehydrate the skin, they also help to nourish the skin and re-establish the right balance of essential acids, vitamins and Ph levels.

Too much sun, along with pollution and stress, can also lead to pigmentation, discoloration and dark patches. So, this is the time to go for proper summer skin care products to deal with these problems.

Skin massage in summer for looking beautiful

Massage is one of the best ways to get healthy supple skin. Not only does it stimulate the skin, it also helps to detoxify the skin and even cut out cellulite. Massaging also helps oils to penetrate deep into the pores, thus making the skin supple and radiant, and giving it luminosity from within. Massaging also tackles water retention which causes you look and feel bloated. Get a weekly massage and you will soon realize the benefits.

Choosing right beauty products for summer skin care

Choose your beauty care products carefully. Cost is not the only issue. Just because a product is priced high does not always mean that it’s the best in the market. Read the labels carefully. Also some products may work for some women, while they may even cause allergies in others. For example, while many women swear by lime-scented soaps and creams, some have shown severe allergic reactions and skin rashes to them. Spend a few minutes on yourself every day, and the results are sure to show.

If you know more summer skin care basics, summer skin care tips, beauty products for summer and so on which you think are helpful in this context, feel free to let us know as a response below.


Author: Payal01 Jun 2012 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 50

I am a big fan of coconut in any form; be it coconut water or milk it works wonders for my skin. In the summers, I drink coconut water daily and apply coconut milk as it is very cooling and refreshing to the skin. Thanks for your advice of buying proper skincare products, I bought Parachute's summer fresh Advansed Body lotion. It has coconut milk with mint extracts. Coconut milk infuses light moisture to soften skin and keep it supple while the mint extracts provide an instant cooling on skin and refresh it after a hot summer day. Also, it has double sunscreens to provide protection from sun.

Guest Author: HTY Gold20 Jun 2012

Good post and right to the point. It was right in everyday life as well. or
you can take two used teabags and put them over your eyes closed daily for five minutes a week. you will get a good result in two week but trust me this works.

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