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Have you been looking for the latest fashion trends in dresses, accessories and jewelry? In you can check out the latest fashions in dress, garments and clothing. Keep updated with the latest trends in fashion jewelry and accessories. Find out who has got the best stylish haircuts or coolest tattoos and body piercings this year. You can also do your window fashion shopping here by Model Sneha Chatterjee in trendy fashionable dresses for girls with accessories and footwear checking out the latest offers, deals and discounts in various fashion costumes, bags, footwear, fashion jewelry, wristwatches, sunglasses, ties and the other fashion accessories. Whether it is women's fashion, men's fashion or fashion for kids, this complete fashion website will fetch you everything in a nutshell.

Fashion events and beauty contests news

Looking for the latest fashion events and beauty pageants news? Check out the latest fashion magazines. Stay in touch with the latest fashion trends with fashion events news all across the globe. We will provide you round the clock fashion news updates of both international fashion events like the Paris Fashion Week, the New York Fashion Week, the London Fashion Week, the Milan Fashion Week, the Lakme Fashion Week and the like, as well as the several regional fashion shows. Get to know the beauty contest news updates worldwide and learn how to prepare for contesting in the upcoming beauty pageants with our expert beautician tips. Go through the biographies and careers of the famous supermodels all over the world and get inspired from their success story in our Models' Profiles section. With you too can be the trendsetter!

Want to pursue a career in the fashion industry?

Pursuing a career in fashion is no more an out of the track thought. With a plethora of good fashion designing schools, colleges and various other institutes being set up all around, getting admission to fashion designing course and nurturing your dream to build up a career in fashion is lot easier these days. If you want to be a successful fashion designer, go through the biographies and profiles of the famous fashion designers and get introduced to their creativities. If you have been secretly longing for being a model, kept browsing the profiles of fashion models and stayed glued to the fashion television channels and fashion magazines, will help you achieve your dream. Nowadays a number of good modeling institutes are offering various short and long term modeling courses, with special focus on makeover, personality development and grooming. Learn which are the best modeling courses and where to study modeling in our modeling wiki encyclopedia. Who knows, you might be the next supermodel or the master fashion designer!

Yet another interesting career option in fashion among the fashion job opportunities are provided by fashion photography and journalism. Both fashion photography and fashion journalism are fast emerging as unique and promising career aspects in fashion. With our fashion photography and journalism tips, you can also secure your place in the canon of world's finest fashion photographers, the best fashion journalists, fashion stylists, or the hair and make up artists.

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Shoes & Foot Health: Tips to keep your healthy with proper footware

It is very important to buy the right shoes for the feet because they move the distance equivalent to 4 times the earth during our lifetime. So, it is very essential that they are treated and shod properly. Here are a few important tips to buy the right shoes for your feet and some handy home care tips to keep them fit and healthy.


Fashion is always a changing phenomenon. Fashion reflects the mood of the well as it can point to the general attitude of the generation as a whole.Fashion may vary considerably within a society according to age, social class, generation, occupation and geography as well. Fashion can be functional or more about giving voice to a feeling. Fashion has been changing since the first time the factor of fashion became a practice.

Colors of this seasons

top 10 and top 5 colors of color experts this season. and colors of this season, all the light and bright colors have taken front seat in this spring season, there lots of new colors which peoples will defiantly like to add in their wardrobe.

"Trendy-full Summer"- Another name for Summer 2012

"Although: Summer 2012 is being presumed to be the hottest of all previous ones: "Fashion" is not far behind in this race.New trends,new designs have started emerging out along with sudden new heat. Woman and fashion goes hand in hand to create wonders in the fashion industry.Different designers with their unique designs will jump onto the stage to compete and thus provide great variety in choosing different trendy clothes."

Top Fashion Photography Institutes in India

Fashion Photography is important for promoting fashion by professionals or freelancers. It is still in its developing stage. Today fashion photography has become a lucrative career option.Fashion photography is a genre of photography that exclusively deals with fashion related events. One of the important purposes is to promote fashion clothes or accessories. Professional fashion photographers participate in the events organized by fashion magazines or advertising agencies.

Pamper those hands at home!!

Manicure is a need these days rather than being a luxury. This article contains some quick and easy steps for you to carry out a home based manicure session, to get those pretty, soft and supple hands.Also listing a few do's and dont's to take care of, so that the beauty of the hands can be retained.

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