Fashion Photography and Journalism

Do you have interests in visuals having excellent skills in photography, have an eye for attentiveness to colors, artistic mind, interest in style, passion for fashion, then a career in fashion photography might be a good choice. As a fashion photographer you need to capture the spirit of the fashion designer and you need to work on that. Want to start your career as fashion photographer? Fashion Fundas will help you to know how to become a fashion photographer, how to make fashion photography portfolio, fashion photography courses and institutes, skills needed for fashion photography jobs and much more at Fashion Fundas!

Do you have creating writing skills, have an ability to write reviews, then you can become Fashion Critic or fashion journalist. As a fashion journalists you can write reviews on fashion designers collections, write on fashion runaway shows. Career opportunities for fashion journalists is in plenty, as they could work on newspapers, magazines or could take up freelance writers and want to know more, find them all at Fashion Fundas!

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List of top 20 fashion schools in USA

You might be searching for the top fashion schools in USA? If yes, here is a list of the top 20 fashion schools located in America with their official website and contact information. Browze this list of US fashion schools and make your choice!

Fashion stylist jobs: How to become a fashion stylist?

Interested in fashion stylist career? If yes, read this article to know the details of fashion stylist jobs regarding its fashion stylist associations, salary, fashion stylist schools and institutes, fashion stylist agencies, internships and many more! Be a future fashion stylist.

Fashion photography exhibition in BMB Gallery, Mumbai, India, November-December 2011

An exhibition of fashion Photography by Robyn Beeche in BMB Gallery revives back the 1980s. Hailing from a time before digitalization, this latest show in Gallery BMB in November-December 2011 is a pleasure to eyes, and a surprise to the brain. Read on to know more about Robyn Beeche fashion photography exhibition in Gallery BMB, Mumbai, India.

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