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Fashion Articles, Fashion Events, Beauty Care Tips, & Career in Fashion

Have you been looking for the latest fashion trends in dresses, accessories and jewelry? In you can check out the latest fashions in dress, garments and clothing. Keep updated with the latest trends in fashion jewelry and accessories. Find out who has got the best stylish haircuts or coolest tattoos and body piercings this year. You can also do your window fashion shopping here by Model Sneha Chatterjee in trendy fashionable dresses for girls with accessories and footwear checking out the latest offers, deals and discounts in various fashion costumes, bags, footwear, fashion jewelry, wristwatches, sunglasses, ties and the other fashion accessories. Whether it is women's fashion, men's fashion or fashion for kids, this complete fashion website will fetch you everything in a nutshell.

Fashion events and beauty contests news

Looking for the latest fashion events and beauty pageants news? Check out the latest fashion magazines. Stay in touch with the latest fashion trends with fashion events news all across the globe. We will provide you round the clock fashion news updates of both international fashion events like the Paris Fashion Week, the New York Fashion Week, the London Fashion Week, the Milan Fashion Week, the Lakme Fashion Week and the like, as well as the several regional fashion shows. Get to know the beauty contest news updates worldwide and learn how to prepare for contesting in the upcoming beauty pageants with our expert beautician tips. Go through the biographies and careers of the famous supermodels all over the world and get inspired from their success story in our Models' Profiles section. With you too can be the trendsetter!

Want to pursue a career in the fashion industry?

Pursuing a career in fashion is no more an out of the track thought. With a plethora of good fashion designing schools, colleges and various other institutes being set up all around, getting admission to fashion designing course and nurturing your dream to build up a career in fashion is lot easier these days. If you want to be a successful fashion designer, go through the biographies and profiles of the famous fashion designers and get introduced to their creativities. If you have been secretly longing for being a model, kept browsing the profiles of fashion models and stayed glued to the fashion television channels and fashion magazines, will help you achieve your dream. Nowadays a number of good modeling institutes are offering various short and long term modeling courses, with special focus on makeover, personality development and grooming. Learn which are the best modeling courses and where to study modeling in our modeling wiki encyclopedia. Who knows, you might be the next supermodel or the master fashion designer! Yet another interesting career option in fashion among the fashion job opportunities are provided by fashion photography and journalism. Both fashion photography and fashion journalism are fast emerging as unique and promising career aspects in fashion. With our fashion photography and journalism tips, you can also secure your place in the canon of world's finest fashion photographers, the best fashion journalists, fashion stylists, or the hair and make up artists. Fashion Fundas. It's all about Fashion.

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Fashion stylist jobs: How to become a fashion stylist?

Interested in fashion stylist career? If yes, read this article to know the details of fashion stylist jobs regarding its fashion stylist associations, salary, fashion stylist schools and institutes, fashion stylist agencies, internships and many more! Be a future fashion stylist.

Fashion merchandising program- Career opportunities in fashion industry

Are you interested to take the fashion merchandising program? If yes, don’t miss your chance as it provides you huge opportunities in fashion industry. Here you will get important informations of fashion merchandising program regarding its scope, career opportunities, programs, companies providing internships in fashion merchandising program, eligibility criteria, colleges with fashion merchandising program and many more!

List of nail salons in USA: Alaska nail salons directory

You might be a candidate searching for the nail salons in USA for nail care? Well, here is the Alaska nail salon directory which might help you to find the best nail salons of Alaska. Don't miss your chance to visit the best nail salons of Alaska. Check it out.

Benefits and precautions to be taken while using glycolic acid skin care products

Are glycolic acid skin care products safe to our health? Yes, in somecases they are highly beneficial to our health. But certain precautions are needed while using glycolic acid skin care prodcuts. Read this article to know more about the merits of using glycolic acid skin care products, best glycolic acid skin care products, glycolic acid cosmetic products and precautions and many more!

Health hazards of artificial nail extensions and how to treat it?

Do artificial nails have any health hazards? Yes, this article will give you information regarding it. Read this article to know more about the health hazards of fake nails like nail salons and health problems, nail fungus treatments, uv nail lamps and health issues, the side effects of MMA and EMA, before you use artificial nails.

Symptoms, preventive measures and treatments for Athlete’s foot(Tinea Pedis)

You might be a person suffering from athlete’s foot. If yes, don’t worry as the infection can be easily prevented or treated. Read this article to know more about athlete’s foot regarding its symptoms, treatment, medications, athlete’s foot fungus, skin lesion biopsy for athlete’s foot, skin lesion KOH test and athlete’s foot and many more!

Paraben as a preservative- Are parabens safe for human body?

Are you searching for the health hazards of paraben, a chemical used as a preservative? If yes, read this article to know the dangerous effects of paraben regarding its common examples, molecular formula and weight, chemical name, examples of preservatives, paraben and breast cancer, paraben in personal care products and many more!

Top 7 fashion trends for women this summer

Top 7 fashion trends all women can carry this summer. the article here is a list of some new looks that have grabbed eyeballs this summer and also about the return of some old fashion trends with a little variations.

How to get rid of cellulite? Are treatments for cellulite effective?

You might be a candidate searching for treatments for cellulite, a fat problem related to our skin? If yes, you must read this article related to cellulite. Here you will get information regarding the types and different names of cellulite, symptoms, avoid cellulite naturally, foods to eat to avoid cellulite, cellulite treatment and creams, cellulite buring exercises, the Cellulite Solution by Murad and many more!

Hairstyles and Haircare during Monsoon season

Looking for hairstyles for frizzy hair? During monsoon sometimes hair becomes sticky and frizzy, stressing you out completely. So, you need a total Monsoon hair makeover. Let’s take a look how can you take care of those beautiful looks even in damp weather. After that you will see some of the beautiful hairstyles for this monsoon.

Sponsors for 2012 Miss USA pageant

Are you interested to know about the sponsors of Miss USA 2012? If yes, this is an opportunity for you. Read this article regarding 2012 Miss USA sponsors to know more about Miss USA pageant, date and venue, Miss USA live broadcast, contestants, sponsors, Miss USA crown, pageant gowns, footwear, swimwear and many more!

Alyssa Campanella: Miss USA 2011: A wiki biography

Interested to know more about Alyssa Campanella, a model and beauty pageant title holder from USA? If yes, read this wiki-biography of Alyssa Campanella to know more about her height, charity works, Miss USA 2011, Facebook profile, how to contact, twitter profile, official website, Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2007, Miss California USA 2010, actress Angelina Jolie, who will be next Alyssa Campanella? and many more!

Freelance makeup artist Marie-Lynn Piscitelli: Miss USA contestant: A wiki biography

Interested to know more about Marie-Lynn Piscitelli, Miss USA 2012 contestant? If yes, you have entered the correct page. Here you will get information like her contact profile, twitter profile, 2012 Miss USA contestant, Miss USA 2012 winner, Miss USA pageant, Miss USA 2012 date, Allusions Hair Salon, Miss Connecticut USA 2012 and many more! Will Marie-Lynn Piscitelli be the next Alyssa Campanella?

Adrienne Pitkin: Celebrity makeup artist: A wiki biography

You might be a person searching for makeup artist to make up for wedding? If yes, you can contact Adrienne Pitkin, who is famous for artistry makeup. From this Adrienne Pitkin wiki bio-data, you will get information like MAC Cosmetics, wedding make up, pageant makeup, bridal make up, normal daywear makeup, makeup rates, Adrienne Pitkin website, how to contact Adrienne Pitkin and many more!

Miss USA 2012: Who will be next Alyssa Campanella?

Are you ready to welcome Miss USA 2012 winner? If yes, you have to wait for one more week since the pageant will be held only by 3 June 2012. Meanwhile read this article to know more about Miss USA 2012 regarding its venue, Las Vegas Hollywood Planet, commentators, hosts, judges, contestants, Alyssa Campanella, Miss USA 2011, tickets and schedules, live NBC TV and many more!

Mr India Pageant 2012 wiki: Dates and schedule of events

Searching for Mr India contest 2012, the beauty pageant for men in India? If yes, you have come to the correct page. Here you will get information like event dates and cities, winner, prizes, features, contact information, website and many more!

Points to keep in mind while buying shoes

To buy the right shoes for your feet,check that the stitching and lining is such that the seam does not irritate the foot. Keep reading and get to know about certain things to keep in mind while buying shoes.

Miss World winners: A complete list

Looking for the list of Miss World Winners? If yes, you have come to the correct page. Here you will get information of Miss World Winners from 1951-2011, with their names, country and venue, charity works by Miss World winners, Aishwarya Rai Foundation and many more. Miss World 2012 winner is yet to be announced as the pageant will be held only by August 2012!

Miss World 2012: Date, Venue and other details

Miss World pageant is an international beauty pageant that attracts people all over the world. But do you know the history of Miss World pageant? If not, read this article to know more about Miss World pageant regarding its starting year, presenters, winners, date and venue of Miss World 2012, schedule, contestants and many more!

News about 2012- Meet Miss World 2012 contestants

Interested to know about Miss World 2012 participants? If yes, read this article to know about the contestants who are participating in Miss World 2012 pageant. Here you will get information like the age, height, hometown as well as country of those contestants, Troika Watters latest news!

Miss World presenters : A complete list

Interested to know about Miss World presenters? If yes, here is a complete list of presenters who got the opportunity to take part in these national pageants. Browse through this category and know, who were the presenters for this Miss World contest from 1951-2011, how to be a good presenter and amny more!

2012 Miss West Jefferson Sweetheart Pageant

Ready to participate in Miss West Jefferson Sweetheart Pageant? If yes, read this article to know the details of 2012 Miss West Jefferson Sweetheart Pageant regarding its date and timings, venue, organizers, Facebook profile, official website, aim of this pageant, age divisions, Junior Miss West Jefferson Sweetheart, Miss West Jefferson Sweetheart, attire, categories and many more!

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