Latest Designs and Trends in Fashion Jewelry

Along with fashionable accessories and trendy hairstyles, fashion jewelry plays a pivotal role in shaping you up. Fashionable jewelry is also a precious gift for your beloved one. If you have been looking for latest designs and trends in fashion jewelry, for your own use or for gifting someone, you are at the right place. Here in Fashion Fundas you can explore all kinds of latest fashion jewelry for men, women as well as teenage girls and boys.

Explore our wide range of articles on fashion jewelry here including the classic gold jewelry, the elegant platinum jewelry, the modern and majestic 925 sterling silver jewelry, gorgeous diamond jewelry, junk costume jewelry to give you an antique look and beyond. Browse oriental jewelry, traditional Indian jewellery, craft and wood jewelry and so on. Discover the best bridal jewelry, or for the groom the best fashionable necklace to wear with a formal wear, or the 925 sterling silver earrings as a Valentines Day gift for your girl. Learn the latest prices of fashionable jewelry, where to buy them, online or at stores, how to check authenticity of jewelry, and which gems have astrological benefits. Its all in one place, Fashion Fundas!

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How to choose Gold Earrings for your outfits

Gold is always considered as a precious metal from the ancient civilization. It is considered as a symbol of status and beauty. Yellow gold is classic, warm and alluring. It is available in all forms and shapes. Without any doubt, it can be said that gold is a precious and beautiful metal, but the most difficult part is selecting gold to pair it with other accessories and outfits you wear.

Is it safe to buy gold from online jewelry store?

Gold has always been a symbol of prestige. Being able to afford gold jewelry has been a matter of pride. Haven't you ever wondered why all this hullabaloo is over gold jewelry? According to scientists metals like gold and silver are beneficial for your body: 1. It helps maintain body temperature. 2. It helps patients suffering from mental stress and anxiety. 3. Metals of gold and silver help you look pretty.

Bridal Jewellery – Different sets and How to Choose

Jewellery is one of the main ingredients for a wedding. The bride and family are always confused on choosing proper ornaments for her big day. The following article will help you to get an idea on Bridal Jewellery selection.

Bridal Jewellery Shopping; Points to Remember

Jewellery shopping always demands great attention and thought. When it comes to bridal jewellery shopping, keeping a few points in mind will help to make your shopping worth for the money you spend. Read on and make your wedding shopping super economical and exciting

Top Five Jewellery Stores in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Looking for the best jewellery in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia? Read this article and know more about the famous jewellers in Saudi which sells the finest gold and diamond ornaments.

Traditional Handmade Indian Jewellery in Saudi Arabia

Traditional and handmade jewellery is loved by every woman. When it comes to gold jewellery, a woman would love to get the most exquisite collection. Like India, Saudi is one of the countries which offer a wide range of gold and diamond jewellery to the ornament lovers. This article would help you get an idea about the wide range of jewellery that can make your day special.

Bangles: The traditional fashionable ornament

Wearing bangles with suitable dresses is nowadays a fashion for women and men. Varieties of bangles are available in the market. So read this article to know more about bangles regarding Punjabi bangles, gold bangles, jewelries and gold price, types of bangles, Laad Bazaar and many more!

Fashion trends in necklaces

You might be a person interested to wear necklaces? If yes, read this article to know the latest fashions in necklaces, celebrity necklaces, price, materials used in designing, categories of necklaces, size and types, gold markings, EP or GP marks and many more!

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